Saturday morning cartoons!



22 thoughts on “Saturday morning cartoons!

      • Poor parents??!!
        I watched shin chan, tom and jerry, scooby doo, doraemon, adam’s family, powerpuff girls, flintstones and dexters laboratory for the longest time, okay maybe i watch them till date!!

        They are totally amazingly awesome!! :D

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      • I thought the same till few years back. That’s when my list went like yours :d But once you start watching anime seriously, your list will change for good!:)
        Haven’t heard of winx club..will look it up.

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      • You don’t look a day over 25!
        Aapke youthful skin ka raaz kya hai?! :P ;) :D

        Okay, so on the reader on your blog, there is something called tags, wherein you enter topics on which you want to read and then find similar blogs that cater to your interests. Next is to follow/like/comment on theirs, not only do you make friends but then it automatically publicises your blog because they and their visitors check out your blog and that increases your visitor count. Additionally some bloggers do write posts about other blogs or reblog posts too!

        If you use facebook then you can set up a page for your blog there and link it to your blog at wordpress too, the same goes for twitter and instagram.

        There are websites called bloglovin on which people who aren’t on wordpress can view and follow your blog too. The other super useful website for you would be indiblogger, very similar to wordpress and slightly confusing (i’m technologically disabled so i find it to be confusing), where max junta are Indians so if you can garner a following wahan it will influence your business well too.

        Do you make posters out of the sketches? For people who like them, it could be sent as gifts!

        Or any thing that gives others the opportunity to get personalised sketches and they would in turn popularise you but all of this is subject to the time factor too!

        Hope this helps :)

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      • Wow! That is going to be super helpful…looks like you really know the ropes :) Thank you so much for the effort. :) My new new year resolution is to put all of this into action, most at least :)

        Wish you a great new year. Keep writing. Lots of love.

        Oh, and btw, the raaz is cinthol premium. Aapke twacha ko suraj ki tarah chamkaye :d :D

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      • Nahi nahi i don’t know the ropes, in fact i’m completely technology unfriendly…just read all of this on other blogs. I find whatsapp and facebook to be a pain to that pretty much sums up my comfort with tech… :P

        Yay!! I love your new year resolution in that case and i’m first in queue for a personalised poster!! :P :D

        Wish you a fabulous and an amazing new year too! :)

        Keep sketching and lots of love to you too! :D

        Haha :D cinthol premium smells awesome! I used that minty cold one all through summer and boy, does it live up to its ad! :D

        How deep are you in the marriage market setup right now? ;)


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