His First Battle

He wanted so bad to learn to cycle,

So his friends would stop laughing .
But every time he went a few yards,
He went into something crashing !

But he didn’t care for the bruises and the pain,
He was determined to do it again and again..
First he will MASTER “half-cycling”,
And soon, from the seat, he will be rolling !
Who knows…maybe soon he can cycle ,
With both his hands off the handle !! The sun was hot and the road was hard…
But he wouldn’t stop till victory was had.
#art #illustration #sketch #drawing #childhood #story #kid #boy #learning #cycling #india #life #poem


6 thoughts on “His First Battle

  1. I never did this half-cycling thing. My Mum helped me with getting on the bicycle directly so I guess I missed the initial step and jumped onto the final one ;) Boy cycling was fun specially when in a group of friends there were only one or two cycles and when your chance came to ride it was like heaven…those days…

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