I create content and stories, through animation, illustration and comics. You can view my complete portfolio at http://www.lipuster.com

I started my art career with a Masters Degree in Film making and Animation from IIT Bombay. Post that I’ve worked with various startups,  Agencies,Brands and App Developers for content creation.  My films have won awards at TASI and I have worked with brands like Amaron, Oglivy ,Lowe Lintas and British Council.

​Thank you for visiting my blog . My hope is that some of the work touches you or moves you. If you want to purchase some prints or you want to hire me for a project, please drop me a mail at lipuster@gmail.com


  1. Wow man , Simply wow. I loved your minimalistic approach that speaks volumes. Absolutely loved the creativity and the expressions conveyed by each characters! Instant fan! :)


  2. Hi Rakesh! Your creative showcasing of the smallest of human emotion stirred by everyday events is beautiful and hilarious. I hope see more of it.
    Big Fan!


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